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Fine art drawings.

A collection of my artworks created with pecils and dark leads on quality art papers. Available artworks are for sale, I also offer 50cm high quality photo prints. For size details please check the description on every image. For sales offers and pricing please contact me. 

Details showing video.

Drawing process video.

Details slideshow.


Drawings gallery

Main subjects, architecture and landscape, are subjectively transformed and cleansed from any human presence. The oneiric scenery, where only some mysterious creatures dwell, oozes silence, emptiness and abandonment.
The absence of strong lights or contrasting shadows create a foggy and desolated reality, taken from the world of dreams and inspired by the colourlessness of the night itself.
That desired look is obtained by using solely greys and blacks. The strong baroque influence in Maltese monumental architecture has had significant impact on the creative process. Monotonous structures, executed only in stone, yet rich in detailed decorative forms, challenge the artist to search for a different vibration of lines and thus to offer various ways of interpretation.