Performing arts photography

My passion for photography started 20 years ago in the Art Schol. It began from analog pinhole photography with hours spent in darkroom, developing films and printing.

When digital photography was introduced it felt very easy and quick comparing to the past but knowing the basics gave me solid background and understanding of photographic matter. 

For the next years photography became my work and form of expression, begining from very technical sport and studio shooting to street landscape photography very much connected to my drawings.


Since 2015 while living in Malta my interest shifted to theatre and dance photography, working with performers opened new fascinating world, where theatre scene, light design and actors/dancers exspressions create complete new and repetitive form.   This gives me opportunity to go into and depict this new exciting realities .

Photographing performance is not only about showing a right moment, a goal is to depict performance mood and pacing, to show a movement, to capture performance story in one frame.


Living in Malta I worked on domestic dance and theartre scene, photographing for Dance and Theatre departments of School of Performing Arts - L-Università ta' Malta, Manoel Theatre, Malta Tourism Authority, Teatru Salesian, Strada Stretta, ODT, Syrious Collective, Nytke Dance Festival. 

I`m looking for collaboration on a new interesting performing arts projects.