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Drawing like Beksiński.

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

My first encounter with a stunning work of this great Polish artist was after his first album publication in 1989. (Arkady)

In 2002 `Beksinski 2` was published (Bosz), this album contained early 1970`s drawings it contained over twenty monochromatic crayon drawings.

Seeing this, it was like finding The Holy Grail of art, the perfect artwork ever created.

Pencils nad charcoal Beksinski used for drawing. fot. R.Mielczarek

Seeing these artworks changed me forever, foggy atmosphere, vibration of lines, great details, the structure overall, how it's put on paper.

I knew I have to learn to create my own realities by using this technique.

How to learn to draw like this?

In 2006 my home town gallery hosted the biggest so far Beksiński exhibition,

over 300 works there but not single one of this most famous 1970s !

Till today, there is no single one of these exhibited anywhere.

It would be essencial to see original pieces, because viewing resized prints can be misleading.

In 2018, I visited Beksiński hometown Sanok where at the Royal Castle I could see many artworks never seen before, even artists' workshop is recreated there.

This is where I found out what paper Beksinski used for his drawings.

Later in his letters and videos I found out about his pencils and charcoals too.

Luckily, Koh-I-Noor company still produces the same drawing tools like in the seventies.

Bristol paper Beksinski used for his drawings. for R.Mielczarek

Beksinski was using "Bohemia works" tools, recently known as Koh-i-noor.

Till today, these works are my one and only favourite art pieces.

Since first look I knew I want to draw like this!

Detail of one earlier drawings. fot. R.Mielczarek

Detail structure in one of famous 1970`s drawings

Long process of inverted research began and It's still going because to do so masterful vibration and lightness of a drawing structure is really challenging task and trying to equal genius is almost impossible.

Me in Beksinski gallery in Nowa Huta

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