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How long does it take to create a drawing? Drawing progress, step by step.

Warl War 2 bunker. beach.
Old bunker located near St.Thomas bay in Marsaskala. photo R.Mielczarek


In this post, I would like to show the steps how I create a drawing.

In this specific example I had direct inspiration in an old bunker I found on a beach in Marsaskala where I lived for a couple months.

It is not so simple in most cases because usually I don't have a clear idea for a drawing.

There are some scraps, but mostly I just stand in front of white paper and put first lines, starting a long hard and exciting way. When the first vision comes, typically the rest I built around it.

Fishing Ideas

Once I have seen David Lynch interview where he described how he uses so-called fishing method in a creative process. It starts from small fish/idea, then you put this fish back to the water and catch bigger one thanks to the previous smaller idea. Gradually you have bigger and bigger fish and finally the process completes. In most cases it's how I do my drawings, I like that because it's one big unknown. I have only feeling I would like to embed in the piece and hunger for drawing as a process itself. But fishing is always present and ideas come up during the process.


Time span for one big format drawing is always about a week (about 40 working hours).

I would like to shorten this time to three days, but lack of complete vision in the beginning makes me wander back and forth, prolonging the process until I am exhausted of it. Sometimes I just look at the drawing for hours, imagining how it could go. Generally I draw to enjoy creating the structure itself and experience a journey to the unknown.

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