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My visit in Sanok. Poland - Beksiński home town museum.

In my life I have seen couple Beksiński exhibitions, but this place is the biggest Beksiński museum in the world.

They have around 600 works (but none of 1972-73 drawings) which is a real feast for the mind of a fanatic like myself.

In the museum you can find artist's workshop room, a bit smaller than real one, but you can see real items Beksiński has and used daily. There I found his Bristol papers he used for drawings, which was really important to see and touch it personally.

Going there, I was mostly interested to see and learn about structures he created.

In this museum, you can see how his technique changed and evolved during the years.

Main idea of putting layers of thin transparent lines is present in all his works since the beginning. You can see his fascination in forms of thin layers and many holes and scratches in every artwork. Metaphysical transparency.

It's beautiful feeling to see his stunning sculptures, real Beksiński in 3D form, some of them big, really hitting with terrifying and disturbing alien presence.

Below, I'm presenting mostly close-ups of his paintings, so you can see more than usually we can see on the internet.

I hope this can help people who never seen his works in person,by showing some other more real point of view, understanding the structure and detail which was one of the most important aspects for the artist.


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