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How to find the magical moment of being fascinated and inspired to do art?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

One of the most important inspirations is the world surrounding us. Daily reality is most of the time just unbearable, boring and banal forms repeating everywhere, nature reduced and put in order, old and unique replaced by mass production. Having this kind of world view helps to find one of a kind places where one can feel inspired or excited. There are more of these than for a first look appears to be. The key is to be in proper time to see them, weather, light, time of the day have a great power to reveal and enhance the experience, transform ordinary into magical.

Mysterious, empty, abandoned, ruined, forgotten, silent, overtaken by nature, these kinds of adjectives combined with the right moment makes magic happen, trigger fascination and lead to feeling of tingling happiness, like founding something long time forgotten. Covered in mist, looming in dusk, making you stay there and just be mesmerized, dreaming to be there forever.

When I draw, I want to come back to this feeling, embed it in the paper.

Later experiencing the art piece, the viewer can feel it and travel this magic reality again and again.

This post is a first sharing of my inspirations, places I found and photographed.

Park in Gdansk Oliwa. Poland.
Oliwa Park in Gdansk, Poland. photo: R.Mielczarek

Greece, Pelion, Pagasetic Gulf
Greece, Pelion, Pagasetic Gulf. photo: R.Mielczarek

Valletta baroque capital city of Malta. photo: R.Mielczarek

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